The Pledge: February

Even though I haven’t posted a lot, February was a busu month.  I remain very focused on the St. Nazaire project.  There were purchases, but lots of painting too.  And a certain amount of urgency.  Dave and I have our next St. Nazaire meeting scheduled for March 14th, less than two weeks ago.  My goal is to have all my painting assignments done so I can A) move on to my other Enfilade activities, and B) pick up anything else St. Nazaire-ish I might need to do.

On the plus side, here is what I accomplished

12 Old Glory pavisiers

8 figures worth of railroad tracks  (two sets of Brigade miniatures RR tracks-tedium galore.)

6 figures worth of industrial buildings, including Skytrex lighthouse

4 figures worth of railroad buildings (one set of Brigade miniatures track and buildings)

12 figures worth of Pico German and British WWII figures (35 stands plus three stands of armored cars-sounds like a lot but it’s not.)

4 figures worth of Skytrex coastal defense buildings

Total figures painted: 46 figures painted

On the minus side, here’s what I purchased.

15 figures worth of Pico infantry

4 figures worth of Skytrex lock gates

3 figures worth of Skytrex coastal defense buildings

1 figure worth of Skytrex German torpedo boat

2 figures worth of Bay Area Yards warehouses

1 figure worth of Bay Area Yards CSS Selma

3 figures worth of Bay Area Yards buildings.

Total = 29 figures

+ 17 figures painted for the month.

As you can see, most of the purchases were related to the St. Nazaire project, but a few were just cool items–the Selma and the Wolf class torpedo boat (really a destroyer sized escort) were just kind of cool and calling my name.

Pictures later this week of some of the completed bits for the St. Nazaire stuff.

March is a busy month at school.  But I still hope to wrap up all of my St. Nazaire figures, before moving on to work on 24 HYW crossbowmen and a 28mm cog by Old Glory shipyards.  My fingers are crossed.

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