Kevin’s wrap-up and The PLEDGE

Make no mistake about it, I am struggling to post timely, interesting stuff on this blog.  I think there are a few reasons for that. One is that my life is a little more complicated and other interests are taking more of my time.  What does that mean?

1. No  I haven’t and will not give up miniature wargaming.  I continue to paint almost nightly and still have some new projects I’d like to tackle at some point.  I’ve become a bit of a vinyl record collector. No, not collector.  Let’s never use that word again.  But I do love hunting for records I really like and fit into my pile o’ music.  I do discuss this over here. I am not obsessed, or at least try not to be, but it does take some time and cash.

2.  It’s my wife’s fault.  No, really, sort of. The past couple of years Lorri has become a re-seller.  She has a little space at Third Street Antiques in downtown Puyallup.  What does that mean for me?  One problem is her stuff is everywhere.  One of the prime Lorri staging areas is the dining room table.  That is my prime pitcher-taking space, especially during our notoriously long, dark winters when I take photos of newly completed figures.  No pictures, fewer blog entries, ’cause let’s face it, as brilliant a word-smith as I am, Smyth writing is only so interesting. I should tell my wife what?  She actually makes real money at this.  Nearly $500 in each of the last two months.  Her hobby is money-in, mine is like money . . , never mind, but you get it.  Besides, sometimes the money-in trickles down to we deserving but impoverished types.

3.  After years away from it, I’ve taken a greater interest playing board games the last few years.  Not only that, but I’ve bought a few.  I have a number of friends I really enjoy spending time with who still like games, but just don’t do miniatures anymore.  Maybe they weren’t that big on them in the first place, or they’ve moved on from miniatures, but they really do like board games.  Mostly the Euro-games, which, despite the lack of intensity of old Avalon Hill Games or GDW’s Europa series, are still challenging and definitely fun.  My son Casey loves to play these games too, so I play them when I can make time.  But there’s only so much time in the gaming calendar, so this definitely cuts into that a bit.

But I am painting almost nightly.  I used to paint about 350 days a year.  I’m a bit less now, maybe as few as 300 nights a year.  It’s really difficult when we are on late night deadlines on the school paper.  And I willingly give up a few more nights than I used to.

I don’t go to the Miniatures Page as often as I used to.  I had a bit of a falling out with Bill Armintrout a couple of years back and actually managed to stay away for about nine months, but I am back and do occasionally share stuff. It’s a good site, but it was a matter of principal and I am nothing if not a stubborn Irishman. One of my very favorite monthly features is by poster Monkey Hanger who shares his progress toward making his Pledge.  The plan is to paint at least as much as is purchased.  I will do that here each month too.  But I will take it one more step and that is to paint at least one miniature for every day in the year, or 365 miniatures for the year.

For those who know me, I dabble about 75% in 28mm and the other 25% in something else–planes, ships, the odd 15mm figure.  For my purposes a figure is a figure is a figure.  A plane or a ship is a figure, a gigantic 28mm cog is a figure.

Here are the numbers for January


5-40mm Sash and Saber Indians

6-28mm Perry Men at Arms

12-28mm Perry Pavisiers

Total 23 figures      342 figures from overall goal


The purchases for January were pretty light.  Mostly I bought stuff for the 1/600 St. Nazaire project Dave and I are working on. They are as follows

1 pack Pico Armor German Infantry

1 pack Pico Armor German armored cars

2 packs of Brigade models rallroad tracks

Because everything is so tiny and inexpensive, let’s say I spent about $28, a buck a figure so 28 figures.

28-23= -5 figures for January.  Not quite the way to start the year, but I’ll do better.

One comment on “Kevin’s wrap-up and The PLEDGE

  1. You’re mad! Mad I tell you! 365 miniatures in a year? It canna be done, laddie. But good luck.

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