I’m resigning from my NHMGS duties.

I announced on the various yahoogroups we use for messaging that I will be resigning my NHMGS duties at Enfilade. This includes the role of president, my position on the Board of Directors, and the director ship of Enfilade.  I knew the Enfilade position was up, and I have successors lined up, I’m giving up the other positions as well.

I tried this before a couple years ago, fairly unsuccessfully, but this time it will happen and I will be done. No hard feelings, I’m not unhappy, but it’s one of those things I just need to give up and use the time for more important things.

I’ll give you a for instance.  I feel obligated to attend every event, if possible and I feel tremendous guilt for not attending events like Tactical Solutions across the state.  Not only that but I feel obligated to host at least one event at every gathering.  I’d love to just show up and play in somebody else’s games.  Give Black Powder a try, or Galactic Knights, but honestly I feel compelled to host games because I feel they are needed (and sometimes they are.)

Don’t get me wrong, my time as president has been very worthwhile.  I’ve met guys I’d never had known without my office.  I’ve hung out with our guests at Enfilade.  I’ve made friends I might not have met otherwise.  Much of the time it’s a pretty enjoyable role.  But it does take time at times, and I feel like I just don’t want to give it up or deal with some of the extra hassle the job occasionally requires. It’s time an energy I could put into my projects, playing games or getting some exercise.

In any case, I feel less responsible for the future of NHMGS when I tried to make my escape three years ago.  I am convinced someone of quality will take over because it’s needed and I am done.

One comment on “I’m resigning from my NHMGS duties.

  1. Dean says:

    Kevin – I saw your post on the NHMGS Facebook, but was intimidated from leaving a comment there. Although I’ve only had the privilege of being a small part of NHMGS for a very short period – since around 2006 – I’ve seen your vast contribution to the group. Not only your seeming omnipresence, but also your tireless spirit. Maybe as a small consolation for all of your years of hard work, we – the rest of the group – can now host games for you. Let me know when you want to try out Black Powder or Hail Caesar 🙂 You know I’m not too far from your place. Merry Christmas, Dean

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