Back on track

It’s been an eventful few weeks since my last post. I was pretty sick for the better part of a week. Then we moved on to deadline for the paper at school. While we were on deadline I had wrap up my residual doctor issues relating to my kidney problems. At the same time our much loved 12 year old Australian Shepherd, Lucy became quite ill and we had to have her euthanized. More going on than I needed.

Somewhere in there I managed to squeeze in our first trip to the Heritage Flight Center. It is located in Everett at Paine Field. It’s a working collection of flyable warbirds, and some drivable AFV’s chiefly from WWII. We hosted eight games and brought about thirty members to the museum. The feedback I received from members was universally positive, and it is my hope we can do it again sometime in the near future.

Dealing with my other issues, I spent a good couple of weeks mostly unable to work on my projects. I was also in one of my rare moments when I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. I have plenty of miniatures to paint, and lots of projects to work on. I was caught betwixt and between the Hundred Years War and my Spanish-American project, and not making progress on either. I finished a batch of French knights, but it didn’t excite me, so I glommed on to some Spanish infantry and decided to press on.

I’m nearly finished with the final two companies of the Louisiana Regiment. It’s an elegant looking unit in white with blue facings. I, use the Brother Against Brother rules, a single figure game. The Louisiana Regiment has three companies of ten figures each, plus a grenadier company with twelve figures. It was a militia unit, but one of quality, raised in America.

I’ll have a second battalion composed of four companies, but from two separate regiments. They will include a couple companies from the Hibernian Regiment, stationed in America for a time. Their attractive uniform-scarlet, with green facings-will enliven the two remaining companies which will be a pretty boring white.

In addition to the Spanish foot, I’ve assembled a sizable number of mounted Spanish and allies. I picked up a couple companies of mounted cuera militia that would have seen service on the frontier against the Apaches and the Comanches. With their lances, carbines and shields, they will be a formidable, if overloaded lot.

I also snagged enough figures for a company of the Luisiana Regiment of dragoons. They’re in bright blue coats, and should add some color to the army.

Finally, as the last gasp from my summer buying binge, I added a mounted Comanche war band to the Spanish army. The figures, from Conquest miniatures are quite promising. There are 21 figures in the unit, and I think they will add considerable flexibility to scenario ideas for this project.

Needless to say, I also have a few Americans to paint, but I want to remain focused and try to make big progress on this project. I’m shooting for completion by the end of summer 2014. I’ll have some terrain bits to wrap up for Bladensburg, but should be able to stay on track.

One comment on “Back on track

  1. Dean says:

    Good to hear you’re back in the painting/gaming saddle, Kevin. I’ve been a bit out of sorts myself lately. I saw the pics of the museum on Dave’s site – very impressive venue. BTW, I’m back to Historicals and currently working on some Front Rank F&IW figs Doug Hamm practically gave me at Trumpeter earlier in the year. I also hope to host a modest Hail Caesar game at Enfilade, or possibly even Drumbeat – if I get everything ready in time. Best, Dean

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