On the DL

I hoped that Veterans Day might be a great day to get some work done. As we breezed into the weekend I made some work around the house plans to prepare the living room for a new couch. Mission accomplished and the couch looks great.

Then it was off to Terra Crux Games. Located in downtown Tacoma, some friends agreed to meet and play some multi-player board games, and give the place a try. It was okay, I give it three stars out of five. Then down to the Orange Door for Thai food at about 9:00. Though the food was good, the service was comically bad.

While eating, however, I began to feel not so good. I needed to urinate a lot, and it kind of hurt to go. No it’s not what you are thinking. Shame on you. Went home and went to bed feeling lousy. Woke up Sunday morning feeling not much better, and maybe a little feverish. By 11:00 I thought it best to head off to an emergency clinic. After a wait that took me through the second half of the Seahawks dismantling of the Atlanta Falcons, I was eventually diagnosed with a kidney infection.

No doubt about, it’s unpleasant. Fever, headache, and more symptoms I won’t mention. More importantly it’s the fifth kidney incident I’ve had in my adult life, and the third in the last seven years. Time to take this seriously. In any case, the time I would have had for painting Spanish grenadiers and basing French knights, I’ve been laid up and unable to do much more than watch television. Even reading kind of hurts. Harry Harrison too; the good stuff.


One comment on “On the DL

  1. Baconfat says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Sounds miserable.

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