A Bladensburg OOB

Believe it or not I’m just a few short steps from the finish line on completing my Bladensburg painting.  I may try to make some terrain pieces: possibly some warehouses for Bladensburg town, and a second wooden bridge for the second crossing over the ravine on the Washington D.C. road.  Pictures will follow soon.

Late last week I took a night off from painting and put together an Order of Battle for Regimental Fire and Fury.  It’s my plan to use these rules for our Enfilade game.  Mark used them successfully for Crysler’s Farm and I’ve run Hobkirk’s Hill using these rules. In any case here is what I came up with. Incidentally, Osprey will be issuing a battle book on the Chesapeake Campaign of 1813-14, so I’ll be interested to see if they come up with some numbers.

The Americans have a superior tactical position to the British and vastly outnumber them in artillery.  However, most of the troops, including the guns, are raw, which is a minus both to fire and morale. The British Army is very good, and though they must cross the lower bridge under fire, maneuver quickly, and must take advantage of their superior mobility.  I’ll post a map and some pictures soon.


C in C General Winder-poor

Pinckney’s Command-poor

Pinckney ‘s Rifles (3 stands)

3/-/2  Raw

Myer and Magruder’s  Maryland artillery

Three  sections light guns-raw

Doughty’s Rifles (smoothbore armed)

3/-/2  Raw

Doughty begins the scenario as independent and must move out of command

Stansbury’s  Brigade-able

5th Maryland  Militia Regt.

9/7/5     Trained

Schutz’s  Maryland Miliitia

7/6/5 Raw

Ragan’s Maryland Militia

7/6/5  Raw

Burch’s Maryland Artillery

Two sections light guns-raw

Winder Arrives with reinforcements on turn one

Scott’s Regulars

6/5/3 Trained

Joshua Barney-Gallant

Miller’s  Marines

3/-/1  Veteran

Barney’s  Flotillamen

6/4/2  Veteran

Barney’s Naval Artillery

One section siege gun, one section heavy gun (move as siege guns)

Turn three arrival

Magruder’s  Brigade–poor

Beal’s Annapolis Militia

6/5/4  Raw

Morrison’s Annapolis Militia

6/5/4  Raw

Kramer’s  Maryland Militia

4/-/3  Raw

Peter’s District artillery

Three sections light guns-raw

Turn four arrival

Smith’s District Brigade—poor

Waring’s  Battalion

4/-/3  Raw

Stull’s  Battalion

4/-/3  Raw

Maynard’s Battalion

4/-/3  Raw

1.        Pinckney’s command  begins behind an earthwork 8” in front of the lower bridge across the Anacostia River.  Myer and Magruder’s  artillery may not fire at targets closer than 4” because their embrasures were poorly constructed.

2.       Stansbury’s  command was recently placed in “improved” positions by Secretary of State Monroe and may not advance until turn seven, or unless personally led by General Winder

3.       Magruders Brigade and Smith’s Brigade may not deploy if they are outside Winder’s command radius

British Order of Battle

Commander in Chief

General Ross-Gallant

Thornton’s Light Brigade-Gallant

Converged Light Infantry

6/4/2  Elite

85th Regiment

12/8/5  Elite

Marine Light Infantry

3/-/1  Veteran


Arriving turn 2

2nd Brigade-Brooks-Able

4th Regiment

8/5/3  Veteran

44th Regiment

8/5/3  Veteran

Royal Marine and Royal Artillery Rocket troops

Three sections rocket artillery

 Arriving turn 5

3rd Brigade-Patterson-Able

21st Regiment

8/5/3  Veteran

3rd Battalion Royal Marines

8/5/3  Veteran

Colonial Marines

3/2/1  Trained

One section light artillery

Turn one begins with the Light Brigade in march column attempting to force the bridge crossing over the Anacostia.  Turn three, the British can discover the ford guarded by Doughty’s pitiful unrifled riflemen.

4 comments on “A Bladensburg OOB

  1. Craig Weikel says:

    The Bladensburg Battle Visitor Center is located next to the battlefield site in Maryland and is looking for activities for its Bicentennial celebration on Aug 23-24th, 2014. I went there & talked to Kevin Linsky who would like to host a miniature game at the Center that weekend. If interested I can get you his email. My email is ccweikel@yahoo.com Thanks, Craig

  2. Justin 123 says:

    This isn’t for sale by chance? Just personal use?

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