One big damn unit: The 85th Regiment

48 figures in 12 stands means a frontage of 18" . Double that when in extended order.

48 figures in 12 stands means a frontage of 18″ . Double that when in extended order.

In my Bladensburg summer I’ve focused on painting some British regiments.  First on the list was the 85th Regiment, (Buck’s Volunteers) light infantry.  For a Regimental Fire and Fury game it’s  enormous, with 12 bases to represent it’s thousand man stated strength.

These are Old Glory 28 mm British Light Infantry figures.  They are painted more or less straight out of bag.  The figures aren’t terribly imaginative, but they are relatively easy to paint.  The main color is Vallejo Vermillion, a color I like very much for it’s brightness, without getting too light or too orange. and then washed with Ceramcoat Moroccan Red.  I always add some Liquitex Matt medium to break the tension to the paint and water mixture.  I add just a tiny bit of Charcoal Gray to darken it and then wash it on with a big brush.  The trousers are Ceramcoat Quaker Gray, again, washed with Charcoal Gray.

If I have a complaint about the miniatures at all, it is that they are quite weak at the ankles.  It’s important to be careful as you’re straightening them out.  Otherwise they’re pretty easy cheesy.

The 85th was one of Wellington’s veteran units sent to America in 1814.  It was the chief unit in the leading light brigade at Bladensburg, along with a small battalion of converged light companies, and an even smaller battalion of Royal Marine Light Infantry.  Together the three units took the brunt of fire at Bladensburg while crossing the lower branch of the Potomac River in the face of entrenched cannon and militia.  They quickly moved to the flank of Pinckney’s Marylanders, setting them to flight before moving on to Stansbury’s Baltimore brigade. Absolutely one of the vandals that burned Washington, they were quite heroic on the battlefield.

One comment on “One big damn unit: The 85th Regiment

  1. rodfleck says:

    Truly hope I can play in this one…it’s an amazing battle in what occurred, with who was involved, and your painting as always is amazing.

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