Jammed full

When I made my last post, I thought it would be smooth sailing to Friday, but such things were not to be.  One of my problems is that even though my games are pretty easy to schlep and transport, I’m providing goodies for my friends to use.  A couple of game mats, and tidy tubs of air racers and hydroplanes, my Fleet Air Arm planes and throw in some rules and dice and ta-ta, I’m good.  However I’ve agreed to support Mark Waddington’s Crysler’s Farm game with figures and terrain, and Scott Murphy’s Martian game with figures.  This means transporting three times more stuff than I am dragging along for my own games.

I also needed to do some extra work for Crysler’s.  First, I made myself a little deal about mountings for my War of 1812 stuff.  I remounted all my artillery on 50mm square bases, from their much larger bases.  In some ways this is ground-breaking stuff.  Doug Hamm always feared having masses of artillery on the board.  Now there is.  I have five sections of militia artillery, four sections of regular artillery and two sections of naval artillery.  Need it all for Bladensburg.  Though Doug may fear bumping into this in a game, it all runs away defending Washington, except the naval guns.  I also remounted all my officers (six) on smaller (40mm square) bases, including one on a round base that could serve as a C in C.

I also agreed to bring trees.  There was a problem with this, of course.  I no longer own any singly mounted trees.  I followed Mark’s lead to create some vignette-like wooded bases.  Unfortunately, I only had four of these, and some were quite small.  I also had three that were incomplete, and much larger.  I decided to take these on over the weekend and finished them Sunday.  The key to completing these pieces is to try not to rush them.  Make them each look a little different. Not sure they are that great, but, I also think it’s foolish to make them too busy (just in case you have to put move figures through them.) I’ll need two tubs to get it all to Enfilade.

So lots of stuff going south.  This is complicated by my desire to part with my Geo-Hex.  I bought this in the early 80’s, and for a good fifteen years gave it quite a workout.  Unfortunately it’s passed it’s prime and I’ve tried to find other solutions to creating varying elevations. I have a willing victim who is willing to take it all, and there is a lot of it.  And that’s part of my problem.  Somehow I have to get it all down there. I did do a trial jamfest last night and everything seemed to fit.

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