New Shapeways racers

I ordered three more air racers for Enfilade from Arctic Skunk on Shapeways. They are the three newest models and welcome additions to my growing collection. First, I picked up Howard’s initial entry into racing, the “Pete.” I already have the “Mike” and I keep thinking Daveshoe will order the “Ike” to complete the trio.

The other planes are both Laird racers. The first is the Laird Solution. In 1930 it was a helluva racer and was among the last effective bi-planes, winning the Thompson Trophy. However it’s powerful antecedent, the Super Solution, raced the following year and finished first in the Bendix Trophy cross-country race.

From top to bottom are the Super Solution, Solution, and “Pete.” I added the second picture to give you an idea of size compared to an excellent Warren Zevon CD.

These are the first bi-plane racers I’ve purchased. They are solid, like all of Arctic Skunk’s work. I hope to begin painting them as soon as I get home from San Francisco



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