“Gonna burn me to the wick, now won’t you-Barracuda?”

My newish Barracudas in gray comouflage.

My newish Barracudas in gray comouflage.

Barracudas 003

Dave Schueler and I have had a potential Mustangs scenario lurking in the weeds for most of the last 10 years.  No wait, twelve years.  I painted my Fleet Air Arm planes for Enfilade 2001 at the Marriott. Yikes.  In any case, Dave and I brought up my FAA planes in an attack on the Tirpitz, as with the Tungten raids of 1944, around the first of the year.  I revealed the number of planes I had.  I didn’t have any Fairey Barracudas, the British carrier-based bombers that were the chief strike planes in the attacks.  I hurriedly ordered some more Scotia planes from I-94 Enterprises and had them in a week.

The problem with all this is that I actually had a half dozen painted Barracudas.  I decided to paint them for the project anyway rather than toss them in a box where they might sit for God knows how long.  I ran into an immediate problem.  Could I recreate my original color scheme? I’ve already told this story right?  In any case, after numerous efforts to match the original paint scheme, I gave up.  I found an alternate gray on gray paint scheme used by the Fleet Air Arm and settled for that.  I used Vallejo Neutral Gray as the medium base color.  The undersides are painted light gray.  The dark upper surfaces are painted Ceramcoat Charcoal Gray.  I decided to choose a pattern for the camouflage and generally stuck with it on each plane.  That made it easy.

I dragged out my bunch of I-94 decals.  They’ve been carefully stowed away for most of a decade.  They don’t show up well due to the dark paint, and I deliberately saved myself the hassle of putting up the red lettering and stuck with the roundels.

Of course, while painting the ‘Cuda’s, Daveshoe reminded me the Tungsten planes were bomb armed, not torpedo armed like my new miniatures.  Something about the torpedo nets surrounding the Tirpitz.  Oh well.

I see myself continuing to paint from my stash of planes periodically.  I will probably take on some Scotia P-40N’s and C and C P-40D’s next.  They’re just fun to paint.

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