Painting Log

One thing I really miss about my old Blogger pages are all the widgets.  There were lots of them and they were very easy to use.  WordPress has lots of widgets too, but they aren’t quite as intuitive for me. I’ve added a widget that should allow me to record my completed figures as well as my purchases.  Unfortunately it’s not too good at allowing individual entries and tracking totals. I think I’ll keep a monthly total.

My goals for 2013 are the same as they are every year:  400-600 figures painted.  I expect that 2013 will see focus in three areas.

  1. War of 1812, specifically the Battle of Bladensburg.  I have lots of British to paint, mostly the Victrix plastics, which I own.  I painted my first unit during the summer and they weren’t horrible, but they are a pain in the tookus.  On the painting table are the five cannon I need to paint for my militia gunners.
  2. The Hundred Years War, focused chiefly on Poitiers.  On my painting table I have sixteen pavisiers.  There were lots of feudal militia types at Poitiers, and honestly they add some variety to having to come up with a bunch of armored knights and all their heralry.  Tough to do sometimes. I’m hoping to get at least a hundred HYW figures done this year.  More would be better.
  3. 1/144th air racers.  I have another seven or so to add to the two I’ve already finished.  This is important because I plan to run an air racing game at Enfilade.  I’m trying to decide how fiddly I want to make them.  Lots of bracing on the various Gee Bees and Wedell-Williams.  The TravelAire too. I’d need more fine brass wire.
  4. 15mm Pelennor Fields project-This is a long held interest of mine.  I wrote briefly about it a couple months ago.  I painted lots of orc archers, but needless to say I need a lot more.  I have plenty of figures to paint–and then I’ll need some more.

I’m likely to pick out some other toys to work on too.  But in general, these are the projects I expect to focus on this year.

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