Looking ahead to Enfilade

This is the time of year when I begin to make serious plans for Enfilade, our big gaming event over Memorial Day.  It’s been a really strange autumn heading into winter.  School has demanded much more of time this year.  Since we acquired the amazing Rusty dog, I’ve been a lot more reluctant to spend my nightly hour and a half or so in my den painting; he just needs more of my attention. These both add up to: I haven’t painted much lately.  No I haven’t stopped.  I could never give that up, but I haven’t accomplished much either.  This relates to Enfilade because it means I need to be fairly realistic in my planning.

One event I’ll run is Golden Age Air Racing.  Yes, it’s the same event I run at the Museum of Flight, but it will be a game with the new Shapeways 1/144th miniatures I’ve glommed on to .  I now have eight of the Shapeways racers awaiting painting, plus the one from Reviresco.  The game is fun, and will keep people busy. I think I can actually run eight planes easily with the smaller miniatures, so it should be fun.

I’ll also drag my hydroplane miniatures out and run a Thunderboats! event.  This may attract some of the same players as the air racing event, but maybe not.  I have three boats left to paint.  I think I’ll just have a bit of fun with them and paint up a Mariners boat, a ERHS Jaguars (my school) boat, and a something else fun.

The third and last game I’ll commit to at this point is an air miniatures game Daveshoe and I have discussed for some time.  We’re going to go with the Tungsten raids on the Tirpitz in 1944.  These were air attacks by the Fleet Air Arm on the German battleship in its Norwegian anchorage.  The Brits will have Barracuda bombers and a mix of American-made carrier fighters to take on the big ship’s air defenses.  Dave is building the ship model.  I have all the fighters painted, but still need to do up the Barracudas.  Just received the Scotia ‘cudas from I-94 miniatures in Michigan yesterday, so I have everything I need.

I confess I’m enjoying painting some airplanes at the present time.  I finished five of the nine Tonys I started working on a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve made more progress on the Lancasters this week.  I’ll try to get up more pictures this weekend.

The rest of my time leading up to the convention I’ll probably focus on painting up more figures for the Bladensburg scenario.  I have some Maryland militia artillery started on my painting table.  I also have a couple of bags of un-uniformed militia that I’m going to turn into the two remaining militia units I need for Stansbury’s brigade.  Then I’ll need to give more attention to the British. Anything I can do to avoid all those Victrix figures.

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