Welcome to my new home

If you stumbled on this blog by accident, or if you are a long time follower of my blog, Northwest Historical Miniature Gamer over on Blogger, thanks for coming.  Have a seat, make yourself comfortable.  A couple weeks ago I got locked out of my Blogspot blogs by Google.  It’s a long story, some of it my fault, some of it Google issues.  Let’s just say that Google isn’t very helpful at resolving some very resolvable problems or I would still be there.  So here I am at WordPress, which will just eliminate some of the conflicts I was having between my school-related Google accounts and my home -related Google activities.

Here is my guarantee to you, the reader.  If you want to know what’s going on with me and my gaming activities, I will share once week.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  Many friends suggest my wargaming interests are not traditional, not boring, and occasionally pretty weird.

If you’ve followed the Shastapsh Chronicles over on Blogger, that’s one I’m going to allow to die.  It was great while I was playing tons of Space 1889 games, but today I’m painting little for that project and we are only playing a few games per year.  I’ll update that here on A Gamer’s Tales.

It’s going to take a while for me to figure out the formatting here, which is much different than Blogger.  I’ll get my blog rolls up and include some links I haven’t updated in years. So please I ask your patience, and I thank you for coming for a visit.

One comment on “Welcome to my new home

  1. tedhenkle says:

    Sorry to hear you got locked out of your Blogger accounts. (I’m still on Blogger and would hate for that to happen to me). Good luck w/your new blogs!

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